Innovation in higher education

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The recent Chronicle for Higher Education article is an excellent summary for the need to change in higher education, and much of it centers around what we have been advocating in the College of Technology related to the “student experience”.

I found a number of very salient points for our efforts to move our college from Good to Great.

1.  First and foremost we must have an openness for change.

2.  We need a broad-minded strategy that embraces technology and learning at all levels.

3.  We need faculty that can direct technology-rich projects for students.

4.  International study is important.

5.  Fund Instructional Technology Fellows who are PhD students assigned to work with faculty and students on technology enhancements to the curriculum.

6.  Give students the option of completing either an internship, conduct independent research, or study abroad.

2 Comments on "Innovation in higher education"

  1. Tony Hamer February 18, 2013 at 3:26 pm · Reply

    Dean Bertoline: I think this is a good framework to consider as a base for Innovation in higher education. I would like to also suggest that the concept of “Innovation flux” that is becoming even more aware of all the potential sources of innovation should also be considered.
    This concept would call for the broadening of relationships with, for example, industrial partners around the world, which can broaden the resource base at Purdue enormously.
    For your consideration…….
    Tony Hamer

    • Dean Bertoline February 19, 2013 at 11:35 pm · Reply


      I am not familiar with the term “innovation flux” but will look into it further after reading your comment. We are interested in broadening our relationships internationally.

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