Stuck in the Shallow End

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I just finished reading a book titled Stuck in the Shallow End.  It is a very good book based on a study done at UCLA related to the teaching of computing in high schools.  The findings show how underrepresented groups do not receive the kind of encouragement, educational opportunities, and preparation needed for them to choose computer science as a field of study and profession.  It is a sobering look at what is wrong with our high schools and why we will have a difficult time increasing our students from underrepresented groups unless we partner with K-12 schools.  This is a serious issue facing the college and our nation.  Anything we can do to change this dynamic would be a huge step forward for the college and propel us into the national spotlight.  We all need to consider, especially faculty, staff, and alumni in our computing disciplines, how we might make a difference in getting more underrepresented groups motivated and prepared for study and careers in computing.  There are many opportunities to fund great ideas and I encourage you to contact me if you have any thoughts on how to address this problem.

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