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Send your idea to and we’ll call you to discuss your new blog. We can set you up with the CoT template, create some users, do some minimal training and voila, you’re an official CoT blogger.

Right now, we’re looking for a few people to blog for us in the TechLife section – Students – we’re talking to you. But we have some other ideas, too, that would be perfect for CoT faculty and staff…

  • Laboratory directors: What does that robot do? Will it break if I push the red button? What’s the hot topic around the watercooler? Are you ready to blog yet?
  • Faculty research: What are the current news topics in your area of research? What’s the status of your project? Latest findings? You get the idea.
  • Business and industry: We’re sure there are lots of current business and industry topics that could be blogged about, but there’s only 24 hours in our day – can you help us stay up-to-date with what’s going on?

You get the idea – we’re up for pretty much anything if it’s interesting and you can do the writing. Let’s get started!

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